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Under Siege Studio specialises in cutting edge interactive multi-media content. From Flash content for the web to server side scripting to bring your site to life to mobile content to enhance your marketing vehicle. We can offer a complete web design service or create specialised additions to your current web site.

Our Flash work is created to the highest standards. Interactive content is our main focus, including games, interactive banners, and media players. Working in a small team, we can expertly cover all aspects ofSkanky Bungee your web and other media design projects.

We can create mobile content such as mobile phone games, mobile web sites and wallpapers. Mobile content is a perfect way to add viral marketing techniques to your marketing plan.

We take pride in our work and like to keep our pricing affordable. If you are a small company looking to enhance your web presence, we can help. We like to show off our work in action, so although we have a pricing structure and our work often commands high prices, we are negotiable and like to price individually, meeting our customer's needs.

Examples are available from our Portfolio page.

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