Many of the examples below rely on server-side code and web-based front ends. We can provide a true web 2.0 experience.

VanMan and MiniPac
Two variations on the classic PacMan formula, written for www.ballandbagboutique.com. Features monthly and all-time high score tables, with prizes for the best score each month - the high score table has an admin area for the client, so they can get the winner's email address in order to contact them about their win.
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Stinky Pines
Another, more advanced version of PacMan, written for www.stinkycatpoop.co.uk again, features monthly and all-time high-score tables, and a prize for the best score each month.
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MP3 Player
Flash and XML powered media player written for one of our clients. This represents work in progress - the content is not complete, but it is fully functional.
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Sarai Jazz web site
Flash web site in the style of Moulin Rouge, as requested by our client. Again, this represents work in progress. Content is not complete and some polish is needed. Currently we are awaiting feed-back and content from the client. Features a XML-powered slide-show and a version of the Media Player above, as well as easily updateable Events Guide and Guestbook.
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3D Example
Here we have a Flash-powered page based on the gun room from the Matrix, as requested by our client. This is really just a prototype and features Pseudo 3D styling. Mobile Bungee
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Mobile Bungee
Our first Mobile Phone Game , bungee jumping on your mobile. Demo available for free download from www.getjar.com.
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Skanky BungeeSkanky Bungee
A Stinkycatpoop themed version of the bungee jumping game, designed for www.stinkycatpoop.co.uk - features online high-score tables, courtesy of www.rumblex.com. We are also responsible for the Stinkycatpoop mobile site and wallpapers - point your phone to http://mobile.stinkycatpoop.co.uk to check them out (or click the link - you can also view the site in a standard web browser).
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Java Work
Although we mainly specialise in Flash these days, we have a background in Java. We have various Java games available (including a worms-style game, available for viewing on request), in fact our mobile games are written in Java. The following link leads to our Java games web site - some of these are quite old, but only serve to show how long we've been in the business. We also have a large library of Javascript code which can liven up any web site, including yet more games!
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